It’s becoming a common occurrence to see the New England Patriots being mentioned in line with some scandal nowadays. It’s been going on for the past eight years, and speaking of eight years ago, I covered the whole damn spygate shindig since the biggest topic revolved around the Patriots videotaping practices/walkthroughs of the St. Louis Rams shortly before Super Bowl XXXVI, and the posts I wrote about the topic (use the search engine on my site) received a lot of traffic and a sizeable amount of comments, ranging from “FUCK DA HATERZ” to “Troy, you are being too diplomatic. The Patriots are straight up cheaters”.

I’ve detested the Patsies since February 3, 2002. But I’m a realist. I didn’t lay in too hard on ’em when Spygate occurred. The best thing that’s ever happened to the Patsies is them losing to the New York Giants in two Super Bowls. This upcoming Super Bowl is the first Super Bowl I can remember in my life that I don’t even have a desire to watch due to my utter disdain for both teams (the only thing I can imagine being just as bad is a San Francisco 49ers/Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl), but I digress.

The Patriots deflated their footballs for their game vs. the Indianapolis Colts. That’s indisputable now.

Yet another treacherous scandal that confirms the Patriots as cheaters.

No matter how insignificant the advantage they may have had, they cheated. They didn’t even have to. From top to bottom, the Patsies are head and shoulders above the Indianapolis Colts, and they cheated, anyhow.

It’s fucking moronic.

I’m mostly irritated by the bold-faced liar that is Bill Belichick. I’ll defend Tom Brady from here to the moon, because I see him as being one of the top 2 greatest quarterbacks of all-time along with Joe Montana, but it’s becoming difficult to defend Brady with his name being linked to multiple scandals now. It taints his legacy, no matter how badly you may want to fight to say it doesn’t.

But going back to Belichick, I’ve never respected him. He’s a smug, angry, bitter ass bastard with a rude attitude, and he has the worst trait of all: he’s a goddamn liar. For all his accomplishments, they are all tainted no matter how you slice the pie. The fact that he chastised John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens a few weeks ago for ignorance of a rule, and to cheat a week later is simple minded. No respect for a scumbucket like that. Belichick said he had no knowledge of the deflated balls. What a lying piece of shit! I spent the years 2008-2011 with an extreme self-serving pathological liar in my life — I forgave that person, but that doesn’t change what they did or the type of person they are now or how it was extremely debilitating and exhausting to go through, but by the end of that time period it was all too easy to see through her bullshit deception, and now it’s become the same way with mumble-mouthed William Belichick.

It’s all just so nonsensical to me.

They didn’t need to deflate the footballs.

The worst of the defenders are stating, “But everybody be doin’ it”. So fucking what? The Patsies got caught (in a scandal, again!). Once again, they could’ve bludgeoned (still one of my all-time favorite words) the Colts without doing such a thing, so — again — it was absolutely pointless.

If I were a fan of the Patsies, I would be livid. Rather than defending this shitheel behavior, I’d be facepalming to hell and back. I have a great friend who I’ve known since about 2006 that lives in the New England area who said, “I don’t know whether to be disappointed or to just say, ‘fuck it’ and embrace the villainous image of the franchise”.

I don’t see it as being villainous. I see it as being scumbaggy of the franchise. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

Colin Cowherd said, “Well, a lot of the top champions and teams in sports push the envelope in being aggressive by any means necessary”, and he’s right. Look at that scumbucket Pete Carroll and the things he’s doing in Seattle with the adderall and pushing his team to practice more than what the NFL rules deem appropriate.

This will continue to boil over until the next hot story of the league jumps out.

I’ll also say this: more and more the NFL is rendering itself into pro wrasslin’. Shit like this is bad for the league image, from this garbage to the Ray Rice incident to Adrian Peterson to Aaron Hernandez to “Bounty Gate” in 2012 all the way back to “Spygate”.


3 thoughts on “Weighing in on the Patriots (er, “Cheatriots”?) and “Deflate’gate'”

  1. Great stuff as always, Troy! Brady’s press conference was straight out of PR 101. Trying to paint himself as a moral guy that has always played with integrity was nothing more than spinning this story on its head. I hope the NFL comes down hard on the Pats this time, and tells them that they’ve had enough with this cheating culture.

    1. Thanks, buddy. Those press conferences were cringe-worthy. I like to listen to Colin Cowherd pretty often, but I’ve had to take a step back this week, as he’s defended the Pats’ tactics by just saying, basically, in no confused terms, “That’s what extreme winners happen to do”. The NFL is tainting their image even further if they don’t do diddly squat about this, after all that’s happened over the years.

      1. I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that people say “It was a blowout, so what’s the big deal.” Blowout or not, they cheated–end of story.

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