After only getting a couple of hours of sleep after being out most of the night after watching UFC 182 and enjoying a great meal, I woke up to a sombering text from one of my friends stating that ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott had died from his battle with cancer.

Stu Scott dying is like another piece of my childhood going, as well. His voice, colorful personality and charisma offered a window into the world of sports when I was growing up, from his “Boo-Yah!” catchphrase to the “cooler than the other side of the pillow” adages and his other coined terms from SportsCenter, he was a mainstay whenever I’d tune into ESPN’s rockstar show.

I missed the ESPY’s last year, when he was awarded the annual Jim Valvano award and gave what was a powerful speech (just watched it this morning), and earlier this NFL season, Suzy Kolber — on the Monday Night Football set — gave an emotional, “keep fighting, Stu!” talk, but I always figured he’d wind back up on SportsCenter, back on the MNF analyst panel and hosting NBA Shootarounds/Countdowns with Michael Wilbon, Magic Johnson, Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose, Sage Steele and Co.

You can tell he had practically an unrivaled fervor for life and loved his career just like anybody should their passion. He didn’t deserve to leave this life in the pain he must have endured over the last seven years. Rest in peace, Stu. You’ll be missed.

A beautiful comment about Stuart Scott from an MMA site.
A beautiful comment about Stuart Scott from an MMA site.

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