The place I go to, to watch UFCs, yeah, I knew it would be crowded last night, but I didn’t anticipate the crowd of people there. I arrived to the place with my lifelong best friend/de facto brother forty-five minutes early, and when we walked in there was a line wrapped around the entire place. When one of our friends arrived ten minutes later, they had sold out the seats for the show. (And afterwards, and still today, I feel like a piece of shit for not having the wherewithal to buy an extra ticket — I knew there was going to be a crowd, but I didn’t know they were going to sell out seating!)

Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier by a unanimous decision, just as I expected would happen, and despite “DC” giving him a tough fight, Jones controlled the championship rounds and had his way with the previously undefeated Cormier. Before this fight, Cormier had never been taken down, and Jones took him down three times!

Hats off to Cormier for giving it his all in the main event. Jones is just too much of a talented, gifted freak of an athlete to overcome, from his reach to his skills and abilities. Even if the Alexander Gustafsson rematch happens, I see Jones winning that fight in a cakewalk. For the foreseeable future, I can’t imagine JBJ losing to anyone.

At the place we viewed the event, I saw at least 30-35 people wearing the patented “CageFighter BREAK BONES” shirts. It was hilarious when, during the post-fight interview, Jones said, “Everybody who bought Break Bones shirts wasted their money and should throw them away now. Just like my shirt says — I’m unbroken!”

The most amusing part of the night?

Jon Jones giving DC the DX “suck it” sign.


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