Have I been blind or are people commenting on articles and elsewhere on the internet dumber than ever? Ever since ESPN added its “Conversation” feature, a comment section under articles, stupid people — more now than ever — are popping up like fresh weeds in the summer.

The ESPN article comment sections may just be one of the worst things to happen to the internet. Checking out the comments under an article turns into observing a trainwreck you can’t avert your eyes from, and the worst thing about it is that it’s an ongoing cycle of reading people’s simple-minded verbiage plastered all over the page. It’s either that or spam or LeBron James is brought into the discussion regardless of what the topic is about.

There was an article this morning about Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks saying quarterbacks in the NFL receive special treatment over other players. No shit, Michael, you are right, so you are preaching to the choir. His comments came in light of Ndamukong Suh being suspended and subsequently winning his appeal after stepping on Aaron Rodgers’ leg this past Sunday.

Within the first eight comments I read, I saw somebody say, “Bennett is an idiot”, before I read the infamous, perennially notorious, “Your an idiot”. Holy fuck.

I enjoy my expletives, and I do so with gusto to exhaustion, with a lot of folks in the world feeling that the use of expletives masquerade the lack of a deeper form of articulation, and one could be right by saying that.

However, I feel that way about people who overuse the word, “idiot”, or, well, at least when the word “idiot” is being used within the first ten to fifteen words of a person’s diatribe, because when somebody starts off with the egregiously [grammatically] incorrect, “Your an idiot”, I cringe, my blood pressure spikes and it’s all because anybody who starts off discussions like that, or like the aforementioned “Bennett is an idiot”, are not interested in a discussion. It’s become so overused. At this point, I’d rather the word be replaced with “curmudgeon”. At least the word curmudgeon is a fucking fun ass word to say and use. I’d even excuse somebody bludgeoning grammar by saying, “Your a curmudgeon” just because it’s such a top notch word.

It’d be cool if this “Your a curmudgeon” trend took off. It’s a hell of a lot better than, “yurr an idiot“. Motherfuckers like that are practically wearing an active billboard that advertises themselves as unintelligent and lacking interest in any dialogue (that’s not to say I’m boasting or anything — I’m full of shit!); they are more intrigued by being right instead of getting it right.

Happy new year!


3 thoughts on “How to Spot a Dumbshit on the Internet (ESPN’s Comment Sections)

    1. No doubt. Drives me crazy. The “Trends” section on Facebook is another breeding ground for this type of behavior, and it’s probably even more intense on there, but I try not to bother with checking out those comments too often! Now if I can just work on not bothering with the sections on ESPN and I’ll be set…

      Thanks for commenting, and a happy new year to you and yours!

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