Here’s a solid piece by a writer exposing Florida State as the facade of a school that it is.

It’s not the first nor the last program to skew rules in order to ensconce national championships, unfortunately.

Life, Liberty, and One Man's Pursuit of Sport Happiness


A National Semifinal looms and so do the possibilities of another national championship, but Florida State is a tainted football program in my eyes. I am not the only one, I can assure you of that. Jameis Winston was cleared of all wrongdoing by the FSU disciplinary board, due to “insufficient evidence” even though he faced four counts of violating the student code of conduct for his actions in the last year.

I just finished doing countless hours of research for my final paper in my Journalism and Mass Communication Capstone class on the recent events that have transpired surrounding the Florida State University football program, and what I have read about has made me sick to my stomach.

It is hard to fathom that a program is allowed to have its athletes get away with so much, even when there is evidence in several of the incidents that required…

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