I love the Golden State Warriors.

Steve Kerr is an astute color commentator, and as a head coach he’s standing in a suit on the sidelines representing an NBA best 19-2 Warriors team (detractor of the week Dennis Rodman, a former teammate of Kerr with the Chicago Bulls back in the ’90s, says Kerr ain’t coachin’ sheeit). Stephen Curry is a freakish star. Klay Thompson is a rising star. They are going to be contenders.

But putting them into a conversation involving the NBA Finals in December leads me to this conclusion: they are overrated.

I say that with love, Warriors fans. With love, indeed, motherfuckers.

Every year, some young team shoots out to a big, sexy record, and by the time April rolls around they are no longer sitting as pretty as they were at this sort of season’s juncture. Same scenario applies here.

If they walked into a playoff series tomorrow against the San Antonio Spurs, who would you bet your money on? I know who I’d predict, based on experience and history (hint: the team that’s won five titles since 1999).

Defense is taken seriously in the playoffs — the Warriors have shown themselves to be an electic high scoring offense with a defense that’s tantamount to a tenuous-ass plastic sandwich bag. They’ll falter in the playoffs due to this. I wouldn’t doubt the prospect of Andrew Bogut falling apart by that point, anyhow, and David Lee? Same expectation.


6 thoughts on “The Golden State Warriors are the NBA’s Most Overrated Team This Season (2014-2015)

    1. Well, they are the number one seed in the west doing what a number one seed is supposed to do against an eight. The only reason the Pelicans are even in the playoffs is because of The Brow.

      Heh. I like the Warriors. I just think they’ll be snuffed out. I’m not a detractor or “hater”.

  1. Warriors are boring to watch, it’s just Curry and Klay shooting 3’s, there offense looks primitive compared with the Spurs ball movement. They have virtually no inside scoring and Bogut has either forgotten how to play offense or doesn’t get the opportunity his contribution on offense is setting screens for Curry and Klay to shoot more 3’s, yay! lame

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