I said it before and now I’m going to say it again: Johny Hendricks is a bleating, beta whiner of a bumrat schmuck, something I’ve echoed since November 16, 2013 after Georges St.-Pierre defeated him in the main event of UFC 167.

It’s almost 5 in the morning and I’m tired, but I’m thrilled — Hendricks is no longer the UFC Welterweight champion. Earlier tonight, he dropped the title to “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler in a split decision that made me laugh hysterically with unabated gusto.

Johny “Little Rigg” Hendricks saw that he couldn’t take the new Welterweight champion down nor could he knock him out. Little Rigg froze in the moment and just hid his head as he held Lawler against the cage and expected to win. Little Rigg lacks the mental toughness to be a champion (he validated that statement following his sound loss to GSP when he whined for months about how he felt he was the undisputed champion of the 170-pound division).

While I’m often critical of MMA judging, this should be a warning to the lay’n’prayers — the cagefuckers and wrestlefuckers — of the MMA jungle — be active and fight. Stalling and all that other shit devalues the entertainment of a fight and delivers nothing definitive as for winning a fight actively.

A chump, not a champ.

That was karma for whining excessively following his loss to a legend.

Just like many others on MMA sites, I think Robbie Lawler won the first fight against Hendricks. Hendricks won by a unanimous decision in that one. Did Lawler whine? No. He went out, whipped Jake Ellenberger’s ass with a TKO victory, stomped a mudhole in my hairy brethren Matt Brown with a unanimous decision victory, and then tonight, he defeated Johny “Little Rigg” Hendricks.

As the 5th round ended and the horn rang, Lawler stared down Hendricks like he owned him.

Then Lawler took the Welterweight title away from Little Rigg.

And after thirteen years, Robbie Lawler completed the best MMA comeback story ever. Deservedly so.


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