The St. Louis Rams are 5-7. A week ago they blew a winnable game against the San Diego Chargers, and this past Sunday they decimated the worst team in the NFL — the Oakland Raiders — 52-0. This Sunday, they’ll be facing the Washington Redskins in another game they should win. What a heartbreaking season, though, to see this team play down to their opponents in most cases and rise to the occasion in others, blowing games to San Diego (as aforementioned), Dallas, Arizona and the choked-away comeback bid against Philadelphia, and coming up big in wins against the 49ers, Seahawks and Broncos.

The Rams’ next four games are all winnable, even the week 17 matchup with the Shesquawks in Seattle. They will, of course, find a way to let all Rams fans down (hopefully gently, but the fans are used to it). This team should be a playoff team in 2015, but I’m tired of spewing that shit. I remember going into the 2007 season with extreme optimism, and they won three motherfucking games as Marc Bulger regressed (and never returned to his 2006 form) and the receiving corps that was so highly heralded before that season was nonexistent. The offensive line needs to be stabilized and the team needs to figure out what to do with Jared Cook, who’s been beyond disappointing during his time with the Rams (he’d be better in a New Orleans Saints-esque offense — not in a vanilla Brian Schottenheimer one).

After the San Antonio Spurs picked apart my Boston Celtics a few days ago, Gregg Popovich offered praise to Brad Stevens and the C’s:

pop celtics celtics blog
My late father was a big time Celtics fan from the 1950s up to his death in December 2003. One of the things we always planned on doing was, if the Celtics went to the NBA Finals again (during my life), we’d go up to Boston to the TD Garden and watch them play. Of course, they were about five years too late in doing that when they eventually returned to their domain — the NBA Finals — in 2008 after a 21-year hiatus, but the Celtics were our team. Despite my father’s favorite sport being football (hardcore Miami Dolphins fan), basketball is the sport we spent the most time watching as father/son, and he immediately became a fan of the way the San Antonio Spurs ran their organization, and their playing style with “The Big Fundamental”, Tim Duncan, running things.

With that said, any praise from the great Gregg Popovich (one of the best head coaches of all-time, arguably the best!) generated towards the CELTICS is a positive. This team isn’t going anywhere yet, and I’d rather see them get a lottery pick than be in the ‘middle of the mediocre pack’ this year (in the NBA, it’s better to be either great or terrible — there’s no sense or payoff by being in between).


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