The Cleveland Cavaliers are 1-3 right now, with LeBron James back and teaming up with Kyrie Irving, a Cav that’s been around since 2011, and Kevin Love, a fellow new teammate and Cavalier.

They’ll get it together. Just like the Xbox One video game console has.

Last year, when the Xbox One dropped, it was receiving so much negative press, for a variety reasons. From reversing the DRM policies, to the $500 price point to the kinect being mandatorily included (hence the $500 price point).

A year later, and the Xbox One and has delivered monthly updates since launch and is rocking in the exclusive games department with Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Lie ($15), Titanfall (for $25 bucks, digitally, on the Xbox Live marketplace) and now, the best value out there on the gaming market: the Halo: Master Chief Collection.*

My point is, with this equivalence is that things take time to develop.

By February or March, the Cavaliers will likely be at the top of the Eastern Conference. The teams that have beat them so far this season will be toiling around in the latter half of their conference playoff seeds or in the abyss of their said conference.

Patience, young padawans.


One thought on “The Cleveland Cavaliers are Comparable to the Xbox One

  1. You are so right about this. But as someone who has become somewhat of a band-wagon Spurs fan (I admit it, I just love their team first mentality) I love to pick on LeBron while he is down. Imagine if the Heat finish with a better record?

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