I’ve been away from playing any EA Sports UFC lately, but every now and again I’ll start it up for a quick fight simulation or a few online bouts with people around the world, and I have to applaud EA Canada for the work they’ve done on the game, because each and every time I boot the game up (downloaded digitally — something I love — on the day it was released) there’s a new update/patch that’s been issued out, fixing kinks on the game. I thought the last patch was going to be the final one that would affect gameplay, but nope, EA Canada continues to tinker and finesse/refine the game oh so well.

Not to mention the consistent addition of fighters to the game, for free, in every patch. This latest update included Hector Lombard, Michael Chiesa and Diego the fuckin’ Nightmare Sanchez!

EA Sports UFC was one of the top 3 reasons I bought an Xbox One, as it was a next-gen exclusive, and I knew — despite my wariness of EA Sports — the game was going to be a must have as a massive MMA aficionado, but after some early aggravations with the game, I can say it’s my favorite sports title out there right now, even above NBA 2K15, which is solid in its own right.

I’d like to hope EA Canada keeps pouring in the updates, because the game is becoming more and more refined.

There’s still some stamina issues that exist, i.e players online going for takedown after takedown and not experiencing much stamina loss, but overall the stamina system has become more fine-tuned, as button mashers reap the repercussions pretty quickly if they don’t block.

Good shit, EA Canada! Thanks!


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