I’ve struggled to find a iota of a shit to give about the ‘magical’ Kansas City Royals’ 2014 run. 8-0 in the postseason up to this point and in the World Series.

Last night, the San Francisco Giants ended my St. Louis Cardinals’ bid to head back to another World Series by ending their series in a walkoff. It was the fifth game of the series, which the Giants largely controlled in a tightly contested one.

I hope the Giants win the World Series, just as the title of this post says, and I’ll tell you why.

As far as this ‘magical’ Kansas City Royals ride to the top? Yeah, it’s anything but.

If there’s one thing I despise about the typical sports fans, it’s the fairweather attitude a lot have — it’s a fickle trait. The Royals were 26th in attendance this year. Now, all of a sudden, the fans are showing up as if they’d been die-hard fans since the 1985 World Series.

Please get the fuck outta here.

Kansas City, you don’t deserve to watch your baseball team reap a World Series.

The San Francisco Giants are like the San Antonio Spurs of Major League Baseball. They win with class, dignity and respect, they play with ‘oneness’ and there’s no overpaid egomaniacs in their clubhouse. Much like the Spurs, they virtually are winning a World Series title every other year.

The Royals? Just a flash in the pan group with a crowd of bandwagoning bumrat schmucks behind them. Soon, the Giants will send them on their way and they’ll be an afterthought next season, as their current batch of fairweather fans are royal pains in the ass.


One thought on “Why I Hope the San Francisco Giants Upend the Kansas City Royals in the 2014 World Series

  1. You bring up a great point about the fans of KC. I think that this applies to most fan bases anymore, though. It seems as if the hot team of the (name any sport here) playoffs see a fan increase of 1000% during runs such as this. I am a Seattle Mariners fan, and have been since I saw them play in the Kingdome when I was a kid. I have always lived within a couple of hours drive of the Bay Area and seen my fair share of Giants games at Candlestick and AT&T Park (or the previous three names of the stadium), but never felt a deep rooted connection to a team like I did with the M’s. My point is this: The days of loyal fans attending games and having passion for that team no matter what the consequences are long gone. It’s a shame, but it is a brutal truth that I am succumbing to as I get older. I have told my kids that they can choose who they want to root for and that I won’t force them to cheer on my teams of choice, and have done so because the days of family tradition type sports interest and fandom is dead. Good piece!

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