Four consecutive National League Championship Series appearances, two World Series appearances and one World Series win in as many years for the St. Louis Cardinals, and they keep on trucking.

The redemption tour continues. After falling short in the World Series last year (let’s be honest — David Ortiz is/was on some PED; I’ll never let that accusation go), they are back again and taking on the San Francisco Giants in this year’s NLCS after blowing a 3-1 NLCS lead to them in 2012.

Colin Cowherd made a good point on his radio show the other day — the three best ‘cultures’ in baseball feature the St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox (albeit they aren’t in the playoffs this year and sans their little idiotic fried chicken’n’beer in the dugout bullshit from 2011). They are all about oneness. No overinflated stars. Adam Wainwright, for the Cards, is a star, but he’s one of the guys in the clubhouse. Other teams, like the New York Yankees, are plagued by going after big time power hitters with egregious egos and agents that hang around the batting cages.

The Cardinals beat up on a bottoming out Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers to get to this point.

It’s remarkable that they’ve come this far four years in a row. I’m proud of them, and would be even more proud if they exact vengeance on the Giants and polish off the Kansas City Royals (what in the world are they doing in the playoffs in 2014) or Baltimore Orioles.


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