The Chiefs obliterated the Patriots on Monday Night Football, 41-14, which has prompted every NFL fan to pontificate whether the Patsies have lost their way or not. Becoming so used to their dominance over the last eleven years tends to make the skeptical viewer shrug and figure they’ll rectify their problems soon.

Luckily for the Patsies, the play in a weak AFC East that features Geno Smith, Ryan Tannehill and Kyle Orton/EJ Manuel. Unless Tannehill and the Dolphins magically upgrade, New England will find themselves in the playoffs again, but make no mistake about it there’s no chance in hell they are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

It won’t get easier for the Patsies next week, as they host the Cincinnati Bengals, who’ve been red hot, but I wouldn’t bother betting money on that game if you are a gambler, considering Cincy might as well be dubbed “LDC” for “Letdown City” after going 8-0 at home last year and losing to San Diego in the wildcard round of the playoffs. How does that parlate to this game in the 2014 regular season? History repeats itself, and the Patsies should be rightfully upset, even on a short week, after that Monday night game, despite the Bengals having two weeks to prepare for this gridiron battle.

Is the 37-year-old Tom Brady simply degrading, naturally, as all athletes inevitably do in their late 30s? That might be five percent of it, but here’s the two bigger issues for the Patriots: they have a tenuous offensive line, and no playmakers. Most teams in this league have playmakers, but the Patriots have zeeeeeeeero. 0! Even the piss-choking Tampa Bay Buccaneers have three of ’em in Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin. Brady looks down one or two receivers on every play, and that’s about it. The Pats have a pitiful rushing attack, and nobody to make the big play. They had a serial killer for a talented tight end a few years ago and he’s gone (Aaron Hernandez), and Rob Gronkowski is too busy partying it up while being injury prone.

With that said, holy shit! It feels gratifying to watch the Patriots slide. The score of that Monday night game was a thing of beauty.

One more thing: Bill Belichick makes Gregg Popovich and Bobby Knight sound like Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. His little “We are going to Cincinnati” mantra he emitted (mumbled) over and over again during a press conference the other day was embarrassing.

In other news, I might as well throw the Rams into the fire of this post. They are heading to Philadelphia this weekend and will likely get beat black’n’blue by that Chip Kelly-inspired Eagles offense, but that’s the usual seasonal minutiae, and the bigger topic is the elephant in the room about the team heading back to Los Angeles. This is something I hear about all the time on Rams forums and in the comments of the official Facebook page. Whatever Stan Kroenke decides to do, I hope the decision will be made swiftly and quickly, because I’m tired of seeing “PLZ CUM BACK!” comments written by illiterate 21st century dumbshits-with-smartphone users on every Rams social media venue. I’m unaffected by whether they remain in St. Louis or head to Los Angeles.


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