I’ll always remember Cody McKenzie for being destroyed by Chad Mendes’s well placed body shot at UFC 148 back in July 2012, but nonetheless the enigmatic freak that is McKenzie has been known to have some bizarre habits for a guy that’s been around the MMA world for the last seven years. In his last UFC bout, he wore basketball shorts with the price tag still on them, which pissed off Dana White enough (a pretty easy thing to do these days, I surmise) to astutely summarize that situation as, “Amateur Hour”.

What McKenzie did yesterday, on the day of the weigh-ins for his bout with Brock Larson ahead of his one-night tournament at Battlegrounds MMA, takes the cake for “crazy shit Cody McKenzie does”.

Most fighters, when they struggle to make weight on weigh-ins day, usually resort to the traditional tactic of sweating off pounds in a sauna, but good ol’ McKenzie is deciding to jump ahead of the game to meet the commitment of weight making. McKenzie tipped at the scales at 172.4 lbs., which is 1.4 lbs. over the limit. With his position in the Battlegrounds tournament in peril, he went gonzo and turned to blatant blood loss: (MMA Fighting)

McKenzie was granted two hours to shed the extra 1.4 pounds, and successfully did so — albeit in an unusual fashion, drawing a pint of blood before making the 171-pound limit on his second attempt.

Another chapter in the book of Cody McKenzie, people!

cody mckenzie

I like how Mookie Alexander of Bloody Elbow summed it up as “For Brock Larson, his fight with McKenzie hasn’t even started and already it’s Cody who has drawn first blood … on himself. Just another “only in MMA” moment presented to us by Mr. McKenzie.”

If you ever inquire to yourself, “What would Cody McKenzie do?”, then do the opposite of whatever your mind conjures.

Unrelated, but here’s a new preview video, courtesy of the Tap.Nap.Snap MMA Facebook page, for Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz at UFC 183:


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