I struggled to write a more compelling title, so fuck it, I settled with the straightforward message of what happened.

Holly Rowe was reporting from the sidelines in Columbus, Ohio at “The Shoe” for the Ohio State/Virginia Tech game last night, and she said that the 107,000 people in the crowd was the largest crowd in the history of Ohio State football.

And the Buckeyes fell 35-21, losing their home opener for the first time since 1978.

But I’m a Virginia Tech Hokies guy, through and through, and I don’t give a shit about the Buckeyes’ plight. I’m overjoyed and naturally take pride in the fact that the Hokies walked into the Buckeyes’ home, in front of LeBron James and Orlando Pace, and sacked freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett seven times.


Before I continue, I will give Ohio State some props (why not?): Barrett played well, and I reckon he has a bright future. He threw some passes that were on the money that I rarely saw from Braxton Miller. Ohio State’s defense is pretty formidable. Their offensive line was vulnerable late, which allowed Bud Foster’s defensive cronies to go in on Barrett like sharks after blood (I love shitty cliches).

But I’m so goddamn proud of the Hokies.

I guess I never truly appreciated past quarterbacks like Bryan Randall and Tyrod Taylor until the Logan Thomas regime. I never was a fan of Thomas — he was an emotionless tight end playing an uninspiring, insipid quarterback. I have no idea how he’s on an NFL roster. Not a ‘detractor’ — just a realist.

Now at the helm for Virginia Tech is Texas Tech transfer Michael Brewer.

Vanilla Vick!

And despite his three turnovers (two interceptions and a fumble) last night, he has already proved himself to be the antithesis of Logan Thomas — he’s passionate, uber competitive and harbors a healthy dose of toughness and heart.


Oh, and he has a specific skill that involves putting the ball on the money to receivers. Last night, he did things Logan Thomas only could’ve dreamed of: on 3rd and long, on the Hokies’ own 5, he converted. Another touch-loft pass in a different drive to the fullback showed off more of his precision.

I’ve had a bitter taste in my mouth over the years, from losses to LSU, Alabama and, in 2010, Boise fucking State, so last night felt like a long time coming.

Now if only my favorite worthless pro football franchise could, y’know, piece together a winning season for the first time since 2003.


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