I haven’t witnessed as much on ESPN, but on the official St. Louis Rams facebook page, there are quite a few people vociferating their disappointment of the St. Louis Rams not keeping Michael Sam.

From the looks of things, I’m not even sure these people are St. Louis Rams fans, even if their display pictures might feature a Rams logo or something Rams related.

For that matter, I don’t even know if they are actual football fans.

Anybody who keeps up with the NFL (ubiquitously and not just their own ‘team’) knows that the Rams are absolutely loaded at defensive end. They are stacked, and at the forefront of it all features the best defensive end in the league (Robert Quinn).

Michael Sam had one game in the preseason where he stood out, and that was when he sacked Johnny Manziel twice. Outside of that, Ethan Westbrooks — who beat Sam out for a roster spot — impressed more.

A lot of the same people I generally referred to above want to point out that 2-sack/Johnny Football game, but they fail to realize that Sam beat out the third string offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns.

I wish Sam the best in the NFL. I was almost ready to cringe when the Rams released him, because I fully expected an onslaught of ignorant comments being made by outraged, non-football-watching members of the LGBT community, but fortunately that hasn’t been as much of the case (from what I’ve noticed, anyway — I try to stear clear of most comment sections on public internet forums that allow anybody and everybody to write as much stupid, uninformed shit as they please).

I’m positive he’ll find a franchise that’ll give him an opportunity. Maybe the Dallas Cowboys will holler at him, considering their defensive deficiencies.


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