In the 1999 NFL season, a quarterback who’d never been “the man” finally got a shot to be a full time starter. In the next four seasons, he put up gaudy numbers and led his team to winning records.

And, no, people, I’m not talking about Kurt Warner.

I’m referencing Rich Gannon.

Gannon, like Shaun Hill, was a journeyman who got a chance to be a full-time starter at the age of 34. In his first year, he led the Raiders to an 8-8 record while posting very respectable numbers (24 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 3,840 yards, 86.5 passer rating). In the three years that followed, he led the Raiders to a 33-15 record, including 3 playoff appearances and a Super Bowl visit, as well as an MVP award.

So, yeah… there’s such a thing as a “late bloomer” at quarterback..

Let’s all get behind Shaun “Not Quite Over The” Hill.

By the way, you can’t say that Hill got his shot during his time with the 49ers, because that franchise was experiencing locker room fallout and chaos within the coaching staff back then. The Rams have a respectable foundation on the leadership front and are a team built to win tough games.


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