… I don’t know.

I wanted to concoct a strong, witty title, but in failure to do so I just tossed out the above line and went with it.

Here’s the most likely scenarios of what we’ll see this upcoming season:

— The St. Louis Rams will go 5-11
— The New England Patriots will run the table
— Peyton Manning will have a stellar regular season

All three are probably a lock. At least the Patriots and Manning parts are. The Rams will likely head down that road again, in some kind of fashion, and I’ll — just like other Rams fans — will search for a scapegoat and blame the said scapegoat until next season comes around.

Fuck it. I’ll keep the hope high, though, because it’s one way of getting excited for the NFL season.

By the way, on ESPN radio yesterday, on the Scott Van Pelt & Ryan Russillo show, Darren Woodson was a guest and during their conversation he discussed the Seattle Seahawks. During that segment, Woodson mentioned speaking with Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, and when probed further about what they spoke of, Woodson indicated they talked about the Rams defense. He said those players mentioned that the Rams’ defense concerned the team, because aside from the shitload of talent Seattle boasts, they don’t scare the Rams’ D, and — in fact — no one scares them. There wasn’t any mention of the 49ers, just the Rams.

That was music to my ears, because all the football media analysts of the world cannot outthink what players feel. It reaffirmed to me what we’ve (Rams fans) been saying since the hiring of Gregg Williams, and what he’ll instill in the attitude of the players will be terrific. That little conversation outshone, for me, the performance of the Rams thus far in the preseason.

The Rams play the Browns tonight. If Michael Sam happens to sack Johnny Manziel, social media as a whole will explode.


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