I watched this past Saturday night’s UFC on Fox 12 with my lifelong best friend/quasi-brother. When we watch UFCs and imbibe, feasting is inevitable, and that night’s choice of greasy food (this goes against everything I’ve written about nutritional science in the past) was good ol’ KFC. (By the way, two 20-piece buckets of chicken totalled out to $68 bucks. Yeah… bullshit price; I’m thinking that, too.)

I meant to write a predictions post yesterday, but the busy day that it was didn’t permit the chance. The main card, on paper, looked like an A+ free TV card. Here’s what I learned from the event:

— Matt Brown and Robbie Lawler should fight on every card. Brown and Lawler stood toe to toe and rocked each other multiple times throughout the fight. I was inebriated at the point that fight came on, but was more than entertained by a fight everybody knew was going to be top notch.

— I’m never eating KFC again.

— I can’t wait till Lawler rematches the UFC’s residential bleating, beta, hypocritical, dense-minded whiner of a bumrat schmuck Johny Hendricks for the welterweight title and soundly knocks him out. As I’ve written often in the past — I dislike Hendricks for a multitude of reasons, most notably because he bitched, whined, cried, moaned and groaned after losing to Georges St.-Pierre last November, only to be guilty, himself, of the same thing he whined about — then — in March of this year.

— Matt Brown is a molecular structured beast. Sure, he didn’t win on Saturday night, but he put himself in elite company by standing toe to toe with the class of the welterweight division.

— Dennis Bermudez clowned Clay Guida. He mauled him in the first round, and in the second round, when Guida begin putting together some shots, Bermudez remembered that he’s a world class grappler and subsequently took Guida to theground and locked in a rear naked choke for the submission victory. I’d love to see Bermudez fight Frankie Edgar next. Make it happen!

Nothing was really learned from the main event fight, other than that Matt Brown showed that he could hang with the elite fighters of the welterweight division, and Robbie Lawler — again — showed that he’s the class of the said division. I’m looking forward to watching Lawler take the title off Johny boy.

I forgot to touch on the Anthony “Rumble” Johnson/Lil’ Nog fight. Rumble defeated him in 44 seconds, and now he has the most finishes in under one minute than anybody in UFC history. Well done. Outside of Nog, he’s defeated Phil Davis since he returned to the UFC three months ago. Depending on what happens, I wouldn’t mind seeing a matchup between Rumble and Alexander Gustafsson. I know Gus is due for a title shot, but he tore his meniscus and now Daniel Cormier is in to fight Jon Jones (which I will write about soon).

It was a pretty damn good Fox card, something that should’ve had the casual fans compelled to watch.

It’s a shame UFC 176 was cancelled.


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