(Time to be a little controversial) My mind is blown by how many people in America have sheepishly bought into the political correctness that has outright infected this nation. I’m not one to engage in political talk, because I find that it’s useless (a middle ground is rarely ever met in politics, and politicians are genuine scumbags; I once knew of a pseudo-politician hasbeen marine of an adulterer, an archetype of sorts that’s common today, but that’s another topic for a time that will never occur, so I digress).

However, the fact remains: my mind is blown by how there are people in this country that believe words do more harm than criminal behavior.

This is merely anecdotal evidence being presented from/on my behalf, but from a certain ESPN Conversations section, there’s a big debate going on about Donald Sterling. I should have learned my lesson about reading ESPN comments, but I reckon I’ve just been led to the pale of water and forgot to take a drink.

A guy in the aforementioned comment section wrote a post about how there have been all these players in sports who have committed criminal acts but have been welcomed back with open arms, but a senile, 80-year-old man has a private conversation illegally and unlawfully recorded by his black girlfriend. The contents of the conversation are prejudicial and racist, but how are illegally recorded comments from a mentally lost man in his 80s worse than criminal acts?

Think about that for a moment. Take the emotions out of it and all the huffing and puffing, and think.

Everybody has the right to believe what they want as well as the right to dislike anybody they want and for any reason they see fit. It was a conversation held in private. Now, Chris Paul and Doc Rivers, and whoever else of the Los Angeles Clippers, are crying. This is all about a bunch of overpaid, butthurt athletes acting like whiny assholes.

If these players in the Association threatening to boycott, do boycott, the owners should move to sue the players for breach of contract. The players are trying to put themselves above the game and their actions would do more harm than good.

People keep citing “the image of the NBA has been destroyed when a white man who’s the owner of a franchise speaks racially tinged words among a league whose majority of players are black!”

Well, look at the title of this post — Donald Sterling is a racist bigot. That’s confirmed. He’ll be out soon. But the ignorant comments of a senile 80-year-old man are not worse than criminal acts. Who poses more of a danger — a racist 80-year-old man who will soon [likely] be gone from the public eye forever, or player(s) that engage in criminal activities such as drug dealing, rape shootings and/or murder?

This won’t hurt the league’s image in the short term or the long term. Soon enough, Sterling will be ousted and all will be forgotten. Millions aren’t being lost and the league is — honestly — thriving.

But what do I know? I reckon I’m just a privileged white male. Speaking of those privileges, I’m still curious about what they are, exactly… I’ve never actually witnessed ’em. But people sure do love talking about this supposed “white male privilege”, when all I see or hear from mainstream news outlets anymore is a shithorde of liberals in the guise of whining from the gays and blacks of America and, of course, the other side of the coin, fear mongers and complainers from the right. Enough is enough.

By the way, I have some Italian, Irish, Greek and (a small percentage of) Cherokee Indian roots in my blood. Does the Cherokee Indian bit supply me with the ammunition to weigh in on the Washington Redskins shtick? Heh! Again, I digress, I guess.


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