It really pays to be a smooth talking, charming and persuasive son of a bitch, yeah? Just saying.

A lot of people are calling for Chael Sonnen’s reinstation by the UFC even though he failed multiple drug tests and was called out for being a molecular structured liar and cheater. (A typical pot calling the kettle black situation, since Sonnen had the balls to lambaste Lance Armstrong for having elevated EPO in his blood only to incur the same thing and also tested positive for three other banned substances.)

Yet those same people are wanting to take Vitor Belfort’s rightfully deserved title shot vs. Chris Weidman away, despite the fact that he (Belfort) recently passed a drug test.

Belfort may have been on that three fight winning streak while on TRT and over in his home country of Brazil, but he has earned a middleweight title shot, no? Who else is going to face Weidman — Jacare Sousa or Gegard Mousasi, two men who were supposed to face off on August 2nd before that fight card was cancelled? Luke Rockhold? Who has he beaten of merit? Tim Kennedy? No. Yoel Romero? Let him ragdoll Kennedy first.

The hypocrisy is strong. The question is: if Chael Sonnen wasn’t a smooth talker, would people really be so forgiving towards him? I doubt it. But it also pays to be skeptical.

Personally, I do think you have to add an asterisk beside of Vitor’s latest win streak, but screw it, I’d love to watch him fight Weidman on the account that he’s Vitor f’n Belfort and a knockout could be imminent before he inevitably gasses out by the third or fourth round. This fight needs to happen, as far I’m concerned.


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