But from this Celtics fan’s vantage point, the Rockets have no one to entice the Celtics to move Rondo for.

I’m all for moving Rondo — I’ve been on board with the prospect of this action for a year now. The legitimacy of it ever happening is becoming a bit of a myth, since the words “Rajon Rondo” and “trade” have been far too synonymous for too long.

My biggest issue with Rondo has been two things:

1.) His maturity (a heavily debated topic among Celtics fans is just that).
2.) The fact that he’ll likely never develop a consistently good and reliable jumpshot.

Drive, drive, drive, dish.

That’s Rondo’s game. I’ve watched him grow since he was a rookie on that putrid 24-58 2006 team. In 2010 he became a full-blown superstar. But the ACL tear last February and now playing on a team that is bereft of a hall of fame lineup with a second year head coach blurs things.

But, that aside, who in the hell could the Rockets offer?

Chandler Parsons, Omer Asik and picks would have been interesting, but that ship sailed (Parsons is now a Dallas Maverick). And the Rockets sent their 2015 first round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers when they dealt Jeremy Lin.

But y’know, wait, excuse the upcoming expletive that I’m about to drop, but I have to say it:

Why in the flying fuck would the Celtics want James Harden? Get out. A lot of my fellow Celtics fans keep vying for this.

Harden is the poor man’s Kobe Bryant. He’s a “volume” shooter (cringing… I hate that term but hypocritically used it, anyway), takes plays off, doesn’t give a shit about playing defense, and he’s the antithesis of a leader. No thanks. I’ll pass. He’s a B+ player. Besides, I can’t stand that constant dull, uninterested, nonplussed, bored look he has on his face all the time. Good god. I don’t want that dipshit in a Boston Celtics uniform unless he can manage to magically transform his game. Of course, he has time — he’s only 24-years-old, but that doesn’t mean he will.


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