Because, y’know, there’s nothing more appealing than waiting for this rematch while listening to Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes sling middle school tier insults towards each other.

Aldo called Mendes a “PED using pussy” and Mendes fired back by saying, ah, “supplement ‘deez’ nuts“.

I love trash talking, but I advocate clever, witty trash talkin’.

If these guys are going to sling shit through the guise of talking it, Aldo should make fun of Mendes and Team Alpha Male by referring to them as “Squad Short Shits”, and Mendes should bash Aldo by suggesting that he and teammate (of Aldo’s) Renan Barao were getting a little too physical in an intimate sense which led to Aldo’s injury, effectively giving way to the cancelling of the UFC 176 event that I and many others were genuinely looking forward.

Inane verbiage aside, it is extremely depressing that the Jacare Souza/Gegard Mousasi fight isn’t happening. At least yet. That was going to be a potential number one contendership (for Chris Weidman’s Middleweight title) deciding bout. Now, who knows what might (or might not) happen.


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