I saw somebody use this (upcoming) logic on a forum recently:

The Chicago Bulls’ offensive output is anemic, ergo the addition of Carmelo Anthony equals points (paraphrased).

That’s the logic of the typical NBA fan who idealizes the real life game by conflating it with a video game mentality.

In real life, it doesn’t work that way. Carmelo Anthony is a one-dimensional, anti-defense, ball-stopping iso act. In other words, he’s a cancer on the basketball court. I’ve always been a Melo ‘detractor’ and that won’t change. He’s a fan favorite among young basketball fans, because a lot of these kids are growing up with the mindset that scoring in basketball is the preeminent individual trait to have, and that’s absolutely nonsense, so I won’t engage in that style of conversation.

Melo had some loaded teams in Denver and he failed to elevate them. In 2009, that Nuggets team were NBA Finals bound. Instead of elevating those around him, Melo drags his teams down.

“Yeah, Troy, he really dragged that 2003 Syracuse national championship team down.”

I’m talking about the pro game, dipshits. The quality of college basketball — nowadays — is tantamount to what I’d describe as “high school basketball on steroids with six national stars”.

He can score.

What else?

He takes plays off, has a defense phobia, plays low IQ basketball and doesn’t do jack shit to elevate his teammates.

Phil Jackson and Co. will have to work hard to land some niche pieces to congeal with Melo’s style of play. Yeah, Melo’s a star, but he’s as one-dimensional and low level as they come. He’ll need to mature and tweak his game, but going into his 12th year in the league he’s yet to show any sign of growth as opposed to the decline in field goal percentage that’s steadily atrophied.

I also saw somebody write — a few weeks ago — they’d rather have Melo than LeBron James for their team. If you think this way, please stop watching basketball and pick up beer and/or liquor bottle collecting, because you have to be drunk to have that mentality.


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