On Saturday night, Chris Weidman won four out of five rounds against Lyoto Machida, and he did it emphatically. Whether or not you are a detractor, you have to admit that.

So, with that said, it’s time to cool off on the Weidman hate — I’m lookin’ at you, typical MMA fans of the internet. I picked against him both times when he fought Anderson Silva, and he proved me wrong twice. I never once thought he was a fluke champion, like so many have believed, but he’s now beaten the best the 185 lb. division has to offer. Who’s next? Luke Rockhold? Jacare Souza? Gegard Mousasi? Please don’t say “ViToR BelforT”… Weidman would ragdoll him.

Machida’s defensive counter-striking technique went against him as he waited too long to string together a flurry of punches. A couple of friends that I watched the fight with are casual fans and were perturbed by what looked — to them — to be an unfamiliar style of fighting. Nonetheless, the championship rounds proved to be entertaining thanks to Machida coming alive. Round 4 went to Machida and round 5 was Weidman’s. He won on the feet and on the ground. Weidman gave Machida a nice, big hematoma on the forehead in that round, and reopened him, and moved forward the whole time. After out-striking and out-grappling Machida for four minutes, when Machida had his fifth round moment, Weidman weathered those mosquito elbows and ended the round moving forward, waving Machida in while Machida retreated.

There’s no use in detailing Ronda Rousey’s dispatching of Alexis Davis in 16 seconds. Davis walked out to the octagon with a stupid looking, silly ass smile on her face, as if she were high, to that overplayed “Royals” song. That inane smile didn’t last too long.

BJ Penn retired earlier tonight (about an hour ago). Frankie Edgar wore him out for three rounds and TKO’ed him with punches. It wasn’t even a fight. There was virtually no offensive output at all by Penn. There might as well have been some foreshadowing that this was going to happen, all things considered. Penn has been on the down and out for four years now.


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