UFC Lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis has linked up with Wheaties, and people are talking.

Because he beat Benson Henderson (for the second time) to win the said title last August in his hometown of Milwaukee only to be completely inactive ever since while his impending title defense bout against the venerable number one contender Gilbert Melendez looms.

I’m a big fan (hell, I’m a fan of — and respect — damn near every fighter out there asides from Francis Carmont and Brendan Schaub… and when that whiny, bleating bumrat schmuck Johny Hendricks has a microphone or other voice recording instrument around) of Pettis, but I can’t stand the gaps between his fights.

As much as I believe Zuffa trips over their own feet and holds themselves back, something they’ve done really well and made a point of is that being a UFC champion holds merit and means something, which is positively unlike boxing, where there’s a plethora of titles and weight classes that fighters compete in with championships that are unknown to casual boxing fans.

I’ve watched several big (boxing) fights over the past few years and I can’t remember a single title. I appreciate that titles have somewhat of a rich prestige in the UFC. That being said, being the Lightweight champ means that you should defend it. Pettis isn’t Georges St.-Pierre and hasn’t earned a long leave of absence after a dominant streak. The guy needs to defend the damn title.


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