… I want to drink.

It’s the same way when the people behind the page post about Ronda Rousey.

The same hate and tired arguments pop up.

(Click the pic to enlarge.)

For fuck’s sake, I wish the average MMA fan would stop basing victories off of who has the prettiest face following a bout. It’s the same debate tactic people use to disagree with the Georges St.-Pierre/Johny Hendricks decision as the Jon Jones/Alexander Gustafsson [decision]. It’s a poor argument — it might count in a street or bar fight, but in a professional MMA bout? Nope.

I’m a Gustafssson fan, but please, go back and watch the championship — 4th and 5th — rounds of his fight with “Bones” Jones. JBJ ‘mauled’ the ol’ “Mauler”. The first three rounds? Debatable, but the championship rounds belonged to Jones once Gus faded.

Gus is lucky to get this rematch, considering how he’s sat around for the last year with his thumb up his ass asides from defeating a nondescript anti-contender in Jimi Manuwa back in March (somebody had to say it).

I still wish that the UFC would have set up “Bones” vs. DC (Daniel Cormier) instead.


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