Anybody hear about the way Dr. Oz has finally been getting it in the news lately? Heh!

Back in 2012 when I was cutting weight for a Muay Thai bout, I won a bottle of Muscle Pharm’s supplement Shred Matrix. Anybody who’s anybody knows that ‘fat burning supplements’ are usually stimulants that feature diuretic agents and oftentimes appetite suppressants. Some people — like I did — use them for what they actually are: a possible necessity for helping (that’s the key word here) shed the last couple of pounds to make weight or a ‘target’ weight. There’s nothing magical about them, especially if you aren’t getting your shit together in the kitchen, but they are meant to be what they are: mere supplements.

Now, why in the hell did I mention Shred Matrix after the Dr. Oz namedrop?

Because raspberry ketones are in it, and every time I think of “raspberry ketones”, I think of that sumbitch above for the way he’s pimped out the supplement over the years. And — unrelated to MP’s Shred Matrix — what about CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)? Another hype supplement. Not sure if Dr. Oz has verbally lauded CLA, but this all makes me think back to the summer of 2010 when one of my older cousins thought she was doing herself a favor by spending money on and supplementing with the aforementioned supps on a daily basis along with “one scoop of whey protein powder because it’s a thermogenic“. While protein has thermogenic effects in a way, she was the gullible victim of hype and over-substantiated claims.

I’ve been around the bullshit, too.

Like people who eat multiple tablespoons of coconut oil a day. What the fuck? I never knowingly ‘had’ coconut oil until March 2011 when I ordered two little tubs of Nutiva’s coconut oil off of Amazon. I tried a teaspoon of it and damn near gagged. Nowadays, I do cook with the stuff (the refined kind 9 times out of 10, which helps make incredible fried chicken in… you guessed it… a cast iron skillet!), but the people who tear down the oil by tablespoons can go find a stranger in the alps.

Shitheads like Dr. Oz and other supplements peddlers are only a part of the problem.

The other part is people who keep searching for ways and asking out loud what they “need” for their X, Y, Z condition to get better.

And y’know what? These same people are usually told (up to this point, anyway) that a supplement, oil, specific exercise, a shoe (yep…), membership, prescription or a piece of equipment is the answer.


Despite that, these same people spending all of that money on fads or nonsensical things are still sick, fat, disconnected from reality and are getting worse.

It’s all fluff. Nobody — these supp peddlers — ever emphasize the five essential things for good health. For fuck’s sake, if you’ve been to every expert, specialist and personal trainer and you are still fat and sick, why not look at the five essentials to life that do not involve ‘supplements’ or, as the title suggests, bullshit perpetuated by some shithead TV personality.

And I’m talking about things like nourishment (wholesome consumption), moving, the sunshine, breathing and — whatya know — sleep (and sleep quality).

It really isn’t complicated. Keep it simple. Try to eat only minimally processed food and just indulge in what you want every now and again. Move, and just move, any way you want to. Breathe and breathe deeply. Go out in the sunshine until you feel like you have been out there too long. Drink water when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry. Basics. If you find that you are sleepy, then don’t fight it! Close those damn eyes if they are getting heavy! Take a nap if you want one!

Sometimes when shit seems crazy and every quack is spewing nonsense about why you are fat, diseased and dumbed down, most of the time you just have to listen to yourself. Just listen. The answer is there. And it’s not an oil, salve, pill or lotion.

What’s the supplement and fitness industry — a million dollar… or a billion dollar industry? Either or, stop wasting your money on bullshit. Living healthy is actually rather simple if you keep it simple and not complicate things. Bypass the aforementioned goldmine of bullshit.

(Note: I’m not saying all supplements are worthless. Of course not. I’m just saying that the answer to total optimal health doesn’t exist in a pill or oil. I supplement with 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 a day. It’s not possible for yours truly to be out in the sunshine as much as I’d like. About two months ago, I ran out of my vitamin D, and I went without it for two weeks. During that time I felt plenty of fatigue and a lot of neck/shoulder pain. I can’t positively correlate it all together, but I do know that when I rekindled my vitamin D consumption, I felt a lot better.

I also take Life Extension’s Super K which features vitamin K2. I’ve been supplementing with it since December 2012 and my teeth are whiter than usual thanks to its effects of putting calcium where it belongs, buffering vitamin D and defacing plaque. K2 is found in grass-fed butter. I eat ‘real’ cow butter, but I doubt it’s from grass-fed cows. I’ve come to believe that the word ‘organic’ has been rendered into just another bullshit buzzword for food marketing.)

I like litteredtop’s comment from here:



One thought on “Health, Fitness and Supplements: A Goldmine of Bullshit Perpetuated by Scam Artists Like Dr. Oz

  1. Dr Oz is on my fb timeline and I had often sent him many msgs telling him that what he taught was a load of rubbish .. but then he is the current celebrity so he did not bother to even respond. Ah well .. what goes around soon comes around.

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