Here’s my two other posts about EA Sports UFC:

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The verdict from my perspective?

If you are looking for a realistic representation of MMA, don’t get it. It’s not that and really not even close to that.

If you are looking for a fun MMA game that has some realistic elements, get it. I’ve learned to ignore the flaws and I’m having a good time, just accepting it for what it is (a damn video game).

But again, it’s not very realistic — much more arcade than sim — and I do get annoyed when I see things that just wouldn’t happen in a fight. I know it is hard to program an accurate MMA game, with the way fighters move, strike from different angles and improvise gameplans on the fly, though. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect perfection in this area, but I do think it can be a lot better than this.

There isn’t much of a mesh here, y’know? Just mostly an arcade game that has real life techniques and some realistic mechanics sprinkled in there. I’ve tried — really hard — to notice, but I just don’t see that much difference between CPU opponents other than a few more takedown attempts. There’s a lot more to MMA than that.

They made the CPU challenging, but not in a realistic or rewarding way. AI and stamina need a lot of work as well as some animations/physics. I enjoy learning the mechanics of the game and executing throws from the clinch and successfully controlling the ground. Those are strong points for me. Sweeps and reversals are way too damn common, though.

As long as EA patches the game (like they do with every sports games) and provides a decent amount of DLC (downloadable content), I’ll be happy. Hell, if EA could patch in gameplay sliders, this could be an AMAZING game!

The online will keep me going. The fighter profile stats and the online rankings (belts) are nicely done/built in. Like I said in one of the other posts, it’ll keep my attention for the next few years as far as a combat sports game goes.

(By the way, I was 0-5 in online ranked matches — outside of the first Vitor/Shogun bout, I had a chance to win the other four bouts but failed to capitalize in pivotal moments. I won my last fight last night using… Demetrious Johnson… against a guy who used Cub Swanson. Not fair at all, I reckon, but I needed that win!)


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