How about a brief reprieve from MMA talk for now?

It’s going to be a long summer until the NFL returns, so I’ll likely be bloviating about MMA — as usual — for the next couple of months. But for today, I’ll write about my beloved St. Louis Rams and their schedule.

A couple of things stand out to me. The 49ers play the Eagles in San Fran before the Rams play the Eagles in their house the first game after the Rams’ bye. This should help the Rams gameplan for both teams. That’s the good news — the bad news is that the Rams are the first game up for the ol’ 49ers in their house right after their bye. There is one good thing, and that is it will be a Monday night game, so the Rams will have an extra day to prepare for them.

That said, guess who the Rams play next? The Seahawks on a short week. Speaking of them, why is it the Rams always seem to have to play Seattle at their place in the last game of the season? Why does Seattle get to play the Broncos at home, and the Rams have to play them on the road? Well, at least the 49ers have to play in Denver as well.

I’m tired of predictions, so I won’t bother with how many the Rams win or lose. That said, I do have a really good feeling about the team this year — better than in a long, long time. Their best free agent acquisition (just my opinion, of course) was the acquisition of Gregg Williams as a defensive coordinator. Their best draft pick will likely end up being Aaron Donald. No disrespect to Greg Robinson — the Rams definitely needed some help on the O-line.

Playing the 49ers on the road on a Monday night will provide a propitious moment for the Rams to “turn the corner”. If ever they are to become a playoff team, they need to win games on the road against really good teams. This will be a great opportunity on primetime national TV. I do like the Rams’ chances to improve their win total over last year’s if they can remain reasonably healthy at key positions.


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