Jon Jones had Alexander Gustafsson close to falling to the mat with 15 seconds to go in round 4 of their championship bout last September.

Jones went on to pick Gus apart in round five and won the fight by unanimous decision.

I’m positive he’ll (Jones) win the rematch this September just as well. I like Gustafsson, but Bones Jones is a whole other beast. Anything can happen in an MMA bout, sure, but I bet the first fight has only awoken Jones.

I tend to defend combat sports “villains” (like Jon Jones as I am here, Ronda Rousey and even boxing’s Floyd Mayweather, Jr.) as I see these ‘villains’ being good for the sport and drawing in interest. Muhammad Ali was a villain. Mike Tyson was a villain. Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson were villains in their day.

Jones ixnayed the prospect of the rematch occurring in Sweden, and why shouldn’t he have? He won the first fight! He’s the undisputed champion! Gustafsson is still a mere contender. Having the card in Gus’s home country would be a moronic choice as he’s done nothing to merit that happening.


But of course, there’s a horde of Jones detractors who are easily provoked by any JBJ news that they’ll jump at the second to unleash massive amounts of hate at him.


Because, and it’s true, no matter who you are and what you do in this world, there will always be somebody else or even groups of people that will hate on you whether it’s from jealousy, blatant boredom or outright ignorance. You just have to keep trucking forward. People reveal their true character when all they do is unleash hate-fueled venom at somebody over trivial matters. Hate is a waste of time… a waste of an emotion, rather, because it serves no purpose unless you are sublimating it, but even then it’s draining and tiring.

I’d rather see Jones fight Daniel Cormier at this point. Cormier poses a huge threat considering his stature, raw strength and ability to close in on Jones at the right times.


One thought on “Jon Jones Doesn’t Want to Fight Alexander Gustafsson in Sweden at UFC 178 — Who Gives a Shit?

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