Apparently UFC headman Dana White agrees with me, too (source: MMA Junkie), going a step further and calling it the worst Ultimate Fighter ever.

I never watch TUF. Well, every now and again I might check it out, but I’ve never been a fan. I’ll make an exception to the season that’s coming on in September since the new women’s strawweight division is being announced, and for the sake of Felice Herrig and Michelle Waterson, but my overall interest has been knocked down a peg or three because my favorite of the bunch — Paige Van Zant — won’t be on the show because she just turned 20 in March. (And there’s alcohol in the TUF house — because she’s under 21, she won’t be allowed to be on the show. Bummer.)

What frustrates me more than anything is that both Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn have wasted a full year of their career. We all know that Edgar will beat Penn for a third time.

What I want to see? Edgar/Jose Aldo II. Yep.

I really think he’s the only guy that can beat Aldo.

In fact I think he did.

I’ll be honest — I feel Frankie should have won every fight he lost and drew in, except the first Gray Maynard fight.

If he does fight for the featherweight title again, I think he wins. If he can start a little quicker and push the pace earlier against Aldo to tire him out sooner, he wins.

I also think his style and movement would completely confound Chad Mendes. I could see Edgar winning a lopsided decision or even finishing late in that matchup. Same with Faber, if they ever fight.

I’ll admit that I’m biased, because I’ve been a big Frankie Edgar fan since the fight with Tyson Griffin. I think he’s underrated in terms of his entertainment value as an exciting fighter.

For anybody that watches Fight Game with Jim Lampley, he does a thing called the Gatti List, after the late, great Arturo Gatti. In it he counts down the top five most exciting and entertaining fighters. If there was an MMA Gatti List, Frankie would be near the top.


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