I have more experience with EA Sports UFC under my belt, so I’ll continue updating with my initial release day thoughts.

This is the first game I’ve ever digitally purchased/subsequently installed. At about 17gb, it took around an hour and 30 minutes to download in full. I love how you can go on and play a part of the game when you are just halfway through the installation process.

Something that stuck out to me like a sore thumb immediately upon switching through the menus is your fighter profile. It shows all kinds of stats — wins, losses and how they’ve occured, your takedown percentages and takedown defenses, and other random tidbits of info.

But, and there’s always a but… here’s the kicker: those stats are for online/ranked only, so there’s nothing that keeps tabs on your offline stats in “fight now”, which is a massive disappointment. Something I loved about THQ’s UFC Undisputed series was the inclusion of all around stats, from online to offline.

Before I went to bed this morning, I played a quick ranked match, a light heavyweight bout where I brought out Shogun Rua while my opponent used Vitor Belfort. It didn’t go my way — he knocked me out with a clean liver shot/kick midway through the first round. He clearly knew what he was doing by parrying my attacks and even checking my leg kicks. I was clueless. 0-1 in ranked.

I woke up today, got online and started up the rivalries mode with my lifelong best friend/de facto brother, who I’ll refer to as “TO”. Rivalries mode in the online is where you battle against your friends, and it keeps tabs on the win/loss stats between the both of you and gives way to bragging rights.

— I played eight bouts against TO. We are tied at 4 wins apiece. I have consistently relied on my takedown and ground’n’pound game to acquire the victories I have. The most laughable fight we had, I used Daniel Cormier while he brought out Anderson Silva in yet another light heavyweight contest, and I didn’t even throw a single punch. With Cormier, I looked for two takedowns and he contested both of them, hitting DC with four consecutive spinning headkicks, knocking him out. Not cool at the time, but laughable now, thinking about it. Ah, hell, we both laughed our asses off when it happened.

It’s an arcade-centric game, which, like I said in my last post, I’m OK with overall. I just wished that there was something in it for diehard fans of the sport wishing to play more realistically and “sim” (simulation) in the offline. Speaking of the offline, again I wish they would have added offline fight stats. Why not, EA?! Why not?! I wish they could somehow patch it into the game.

I haven’t touched the career mode yet. I’ll likely get some more ranked matches in later.

It’s a fun game, but unless you plan to play online often or are going to enjoy plenty of “fight now” bouts, I’d pass.

You might say, “How can you say such a thing without playing the career mode yet?”

Well, career mode can only go so far, and it’s already been confirmed by EA that there’s a longevity meter in the mode.

I just wish they’d add fighter profile stats for the offline.

I can’t stop saying it.

I just wish they’d add fighter profile stats for the offline.

I’ll likely harp on and on about that ad nauseum… forever.

I’m taking solace in something, though — there WILL be another EA Sports UFC in about two years or so. I’ll keep the faith they’ll add more modes to the offline and utilize offline stats this time. Too bad there’s no event mode on this game. I loved created pay-per-views in the Undisputed series.

EA Sports UFC is a damn fun game. Take it for what it’s worth. More thoughts at a later point.


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