EA Sports UFC is one of the reasons I purchased an Xbox One. As soon as I heard that it’s a next-gen only title, I couldn’t help myself. I’m not a huge gamer these days. If I play anything, I can only sit there for 30 minutes before I must get up and move onto something else, but I just purchased the new UFC game about two hours ago (it’s 5 in the morning here…), and I know the replayability of this title is high (in my case) because I’ll be playing the life out of it for the next two years.

First and foremost, let me say that if you are strictly an offline player, don’t bother. The three modes are basically fight now, career and online. I have a big time competitive streak and the online bit will take up a huge chunk of playing time from playing ranked matches against random people from around the world and friends from my list in “Rivalries”.

While waiting for the game to install, during it’s “Ready to Play” stage I went ahead and played the default Jon Jones/Alexander Gustafsson matchup.

— EA kept advertising authentic MMA walkout songs. Well… Jones walks out to “I’m Coming Home”, which is legit, but Gus? Uh, Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”. Eh… I’ll take a wait and see approach on the legitimacy of their claims.

— The default difficulty is easy and on accelerated clock. The game is obviously built towards casual fans. As a diehard combat sports fanatic, I wish there was something in this game tailor made for us. Maybe there is, but a lack of sliders points the other direction. Oh, well. I can deal. But it feels like rock ’em, sock ’em robots at times.

— The above is why I’ll likely try to get a good base going with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/wrestling based fighters to use online versus the button mashing jackasses of the world. I’m actually excited for the challenge of that and if opponents can constantly hold down the R trigger and right thumbstick down (to stop takedowns each attempt).

— I’m very impressed by the striking mechanics, though. The collision detection is spot on and the fighters don’t slide on the mat. It’s crisp. The game has a solid feel to it.

— The ground game aspects feel a little weaker. I feel a lack of control, but perhaps that will take time to master and feel out.

— Speaking of controls, they are definitely complex to the new eye like mine.

— Still learning the blocking and parrying. It’s alright.

— The body shots are nice. Using Jones, I TKO’ed gus after multiple body kicks. I can’t wait to figure out leg kicks with Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis. I wonder if TKO/injury and corner stoppages are in the game?

— Bruce Buffer is too docile and unanimated. It’s too bad. In real life he’s a veritable hypeman.

— Commentary is just OK, but I’m “OK” with OK. Better than atrocious. Far from it. It’s just not particularly great. I wish Mike Goldberg advertised a bit more. “Bud Light! Here we go!”, “Metro PCS!”, and “Corn nuts! Corn to the core” and other advertisements would have gave the game a more immersive feel.

If you have an Xbox One and are getting (have?) this game, comment below with your gamertag. I won’t publish your comment on here, but I’ll add you and let you know who I am.


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