It’s the San Antonio Spurs’ mission. Of revenge.

I’ll call it… “Operation: Defecation”… because they are shitting all over the Miami Heat in front of the bandwagon crowd of the American Airlines Arena.

spurs over the years

By the way… coulda, woulda, shoulda.

The Spurs were a few seconds from winning the NBA Finals in six games last year. Didn’t do it.

Tonight should have been the final game of these NBA Finals. It all should have ended as a clean sweep. But nonetheless, that didn’t reach fruition, either. The San Antonio Spurs only need to win one more game now, with a three games to one lead over America’s favorite bandwagoning basketball team in America: the Miami Heat.

The San Antonio Spurs are just that much better. They were last year, too, but the best fall down sometimes.

I just want to address this: ESPN’s hagiographical lovefest for the Heat is pure top level nausea.

Near the end of the second quarter, as the Spurs were having their way with the Heat like it’s an extreme BDSM/snuff film, commentators Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson made it no secret they were upset over the Heat’s performance. I’m usually a fan of Jackson’s commentary (not so much Van Gundy’s — he emits too many asinine remarks during games), but explicitly stating, “I am so disappointed in the Heat” is the equivalent of saying, “I want the Heat to win, and seeing one of the greatest sports franchises of all-time run roughshod on this one-man-band is hurting our ratings!”

It’s pitiful.

When the Spurs win their fifth NBA title in the coming days, the headlines won’t be about how the Spurs ensconced it — they’ll be largely about how “LeBron James and the Heat” lost it. The sad truth.

To all bandwagoners, hipsters and sports media jerkoffs: take your best shots.

The San Antonio Spurs are an all-time great franchise. Beautiful basketball. And they wield a top 7 all-time player (TIM DUNCAN — merits being in all caps). Treat them like it. Embrace Kawhi Leonard, an upcoming star. Hop off the gonads of the most over-heralded team (the ol’ Heat — hint, hint) in the modern social media-laden world we live in.

Here’s the problem with the Heat: a 32-year-old Dwyane Wade needs to step up and play better. But he’s beyond his prime, he’s hobbled and I reckon all of that nutriding (from the refs) in the 2006 NBA Finals — when the NBA giftwrapped that year’s title to the Heat — is finally catching up to him. The Heat’s roleplayers need to play better as well, but they rely on 70-year-old championship chasers like Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, wishing they could be as formidable as they were ten years ago as members of the Seattle Supersonics. Not gonna happen.

Sweet, sweet justice. One more win for the Spurs.

heat fans


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