Just like last year. However, unlike last year’s NBA Finals, the Spurs win game 3 in enemy territory in Miami and now all the pressure is on the Heat to respond in game 4.

The Spurs have genuinely controlled all 3 games of these NBA Finals, albeit the game 2 loss (the Spurs missed four freebies at the line and LeBron James played out of his mind). Coulda, woulda shoulda… a 3-0 series lead was not in the cards.

Here’s the Spurs: a basketball team led by a hall of fame head coach and three hall of fame players.

Here’s the Heat: LeBron James + a hobbled Dwyane Wade + a finesse big man (Chris Bosh) + four guys who are on the precipice of retiring and a few benchwarming scrubs.

Heat fans started running towards the exit with about 5 minutes left. What a joke. Because the Los Angeles Lakers are currently an awful team, the Miami Heat are — bar none — the number one bandwagon team in the league. I’m repetitive, so I’ll say it again: what a joke.

If we see the same Kawhi Leonard that showed up tonight in the remaining games in the Finals, Miami won’t stand a chance, come hell or high water.



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