Holy hell…

vitor belfort testoserone
According to Dana White, doctors “disagree with the results of this test.” Maybe the word “high” is a bit too vague for the medical community? As you can see from the photo above (click here for a hi-res version), UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort didn’t just flunk hisout-of-competition drug test, he downright obliterated it. Of particular concern is the free testosterone — attributed to performance — which was more than double the allowable limit. “The Phenom” was able to return his levels to an acceptable range after testing positive, but you have to wonder how the Brazilian slipped through the cracks after the promotion vowed to “test the shit out of everybody.” See Belfort’s follow-up tests — with dramatic fluctuations — right here.

But, but, but the fighters that were on TRT were just raising their levels to normal rangeriiight? Riiiiiiiiiight.

I understand that a couple decades of being punched, kicked and elbowed in the face likely renders the hypothalamus to alter T production, but I don’t ever want to hear sorry excuses for taking synthetic T like the above again.

Belfort will be facing Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 (after the overhyped Wanderlei Silva refused to take a drug test and was then released by the company*). Sonnen is 2-8 all-time against Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts. I don’t care for his chances.

(*A quick word on ol’ Wandy: He fought Vitor in the first Brazil UFC. He got his ass handed to him on a silver platter just 44 seconds into the very first round. Then, for no reason whatsoever, Wandy was gifted a light heavyweight title shot against Tito Ortiz, and Tito beat his ass for five rounds. Afterwards, Wandy ran to Pride just like he ran from that drug test. He’s a runner. When the going gets tough, Wandy leaves. I’ve known a few of those kinds of people in my life.)


Bryan Caraway vs. Erik Perez
You know how in football they have “trap” games projected by analysts? This is a “trap” fight for Perez. Caraway has the skills to make Perez miserable on the ground if not pluck a submission, so Perez’s takedown defense will have to be on point. The striking should be all Perez but he absolutely needs to tighten up his defense and not overcommit coming forward to the point where Caraway can counter with a takedown. For now, I’m going with Perez, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Caraway can grind out a win (before pissing it away in round 3 by coasting). Erik Perez by unanimous decision.

Yves Edwards vs. Piotr Hallmann
I’ve irrationally picked Yves Edwards to win his last 6 or 7 fights. I can’t do that anymore. Piotr “Not Dennis” Hallmann, unanimous decision.

Rafael dos Anjos vs. Jason High
Bit of surprising matchmaking with High dropping a weight class to go directly to top 10 competition. Either the UFC saw this was a bounce back type of fight for RDA or they think rather highly of High (tee-hee) in this one and believe he has the tools to win this. Dos Anjos’ kickboxing will be the difference here, especially if the grappling ends up canceling out or not being decisive towards one of these two. Rafael dos Anjos by decision.

John Dodson vs. John Moraga
Moraga’s still young enough that he has a lot of room to grow into an upper-echelon fighter. Unfortunately, Dodson’s already there. He also has the benefit of a previous win over Moraga back on the regional scene, and based on what they’ve shown over the last couple of years, I don’t think there’s any reason to expect a different outcome this time around. John Dodson, unanimous decision.

Ben Henderson vs. Rustam Khabilov
This is sort of the ultimate test of Khabilov, who, up until his win over Jorge Masvidal, had struck me as something of a one trick poney. I’m not yet entirely sure that that isn’t still the truth, his win over Masvidal was impressive, but felt in part, like a condemnation of Masvidal’s tendency to let his opponent dictate the range and pace of the fight. Khabilov was able to force Masvidal into a pace that suited his style, I’m not sure that Henderson will be so easily forced off his game. Essentially, and inevitably, I think I’m going to have to say the same thing that I said going into his fight with Josh Thomson. Henderson knows how to win in the UFC, even when fans don’t think he deserves to. And I think this is another notch in that belt. Benson Henderson by contested decision.


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