It’s settled — the San Antonio Spurs will rematch the Miami Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals.

I’m calling it now — Spurs in 6 (barring injury — as always; I have no idea how Tony Parker’s ankle is). Obviously no bias at all, right?

Last year’s NBA Finals still burns in my mind — that crystal clear image of Ray Allen hitting that 3 to send game 6 into overtime when the Spurs were on the precipice of their fifth title since 1999.



I love that word. Don’t you? Hell, there’s even a critically acclaimed TV show out there with the name. But goddamn it, the word “revenge” is as American as steroids, amphetamines and apple pie. It’s time for Tim Duncan and the Spurs to exact it on the Heat.

I was deadset on coming on here and ranting about the NBA’s favoritism of the Oklahoma City Thunder in its obvious vying for Kevin “Mr. Unreliable” Durant’s squad to force a game 7. I’d already thought of enough politically incorrect insults to sling at the Thunder’s overheralded superstar, but thankfully the Spurs prevailed, and there will be no seventh game in the Western conference.


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