Elliot Rodger…

I guarantee — unless you’ve been living under a rock — you’ve heard of that name. If you haven’t, Google the said name. Last Friday night, he went out to Isla Vista and Santa Barbara, California and went on a rampage where he killed six people and injured over a dozen before ending his own life while inside his vehicle nearby.

In the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, May 20, I couldn’t sleep. I avidly frequent the Bodybuilding.com forums and I typically stay around the nutrition subforum of the site, but oftentimes I’ll head to the mainstay “Misc.” subforum for a good laugh or two. Before I can continue, allow me to quickly tell you about Bodybuilding.com’s “Misc.” subforum: it’s a place where, y’know, nobody takes each other seriously, and threads about “10/10 HBB (heavenly blessed ‘beauties’), being a $10k day/CEO and other random things are consistently written about. It’s not a place to take seriously at all.

So, when I happened to browse the Misc. on that very early morning, there was a thread titled something like, “Ugly Indian guy picked up some girl in his low class car but why can’t I?” and the username? ElliotRodger. He was online and actively posting. In the opening post of the thread he complained about the fact that he was “better looking” than the “ugly Indian guy with the beautiful blonde girl” and that he, himself, drove a BMW while the “ugly Indian guy” drove some “beater”.

The members of the Misc. ridiculed him, for the most part, although there were helpful people trying to get Rodger into seeing the error of his thinking, and then they uncovered his YouTube channel.

Immediately upon watching one of his videos, I knew something was off about him, and you could tell it in the way he talked, as he complained about not being attractive to women and talking in a way that gave off a fabricated air of superiority. He kept describing himself as “fabulous” and “magnificent”, which prompted the Misc. members to call him a homosexual.

What I got from the video? Well, you decide — I posted in the thread, just once, simply writing: “Holy chit, dude, you sound exactly like the character Patrick Bateman from the movie version of American Psycho.” That was it.

I read the thread for a little while longer, as he refused the assistance of other members and insulted them, and I clicked out. I actually sent one of his videos to a few people on Facebook. One of the girls I sent the video to, I told her, “Hey, [name], here’s your future husband!”, jokingly. One of my best friends that I sent the video to replied with, “Troy, please don’t post videos of lunatics who will eventually shoot up their school/office. I’ll feel terrible when they actually do it and I’ll have flashbacks to watching their youtube videos and knowing it was going to happen.”

Four days later, on Saturday afternoon, I heard the news, the name of the shooter, and my heart sunk. I immediately felt awful. Still do.

It was clear in his videos and his postings on the Misc. that Rodger had a big time mental hangup, but it was unclear to what extent until after the fact. Shortly after the news broke, his ‘manifesto’ titled “My Twisted World: Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” was publicly released. I skimmed through it, and all I can say is… wow. His privileged life was plagued ([by] himself) [by] entitlement, skewed views, a disconnect from reality and he based his entire life around the fact that he was a virgin, a burning desire to finally get his micropud into the depths of a fishy slit that, ultimately, was left unfulfilled.

Outside of recognizing his sense of entitlement, the biggest thing that jumped out to me? He made no effort. He consistently talked about how badly he wanted a “beautiful blonde girl” for a girlfriend, and yet… he did absolutely nothing. He kept writing about how he “changed his looks and went out to classes and for walks and to sit outside of coffee shops waiting to be noticed” but he failed to understand that, as a ‘man’, he was in the position to approach and talk to girls. He made no such effort, and his ‘idea’ of an effort was, at one point (he wrote about this), he crossed paths “with a beautiful blonde girl” and he awkwardly mumbled, “Hi”, and she didn’t say anything back. He wrote that he then went home and cried for the rest of the night. Holy shit. It’s as if by saying, “Hi”, he expected to receive an impromptu blowjob on the spot!

His grade school years were spent playing World of Warcraft — he didn’t go out and make an effort (I know I’m being repetitive…) to socialize with the “beautiful blonde girls” he speaks of.

No effort.

A privileged life.


Disconnected from reality and unaware of self-growth or improvement.


Instead of looking at himself, his personality and characteristics, he blamed girls. He blamed girls for not acknowledging him. He listed his height and weight on Bodybuilding.com as 5’8″ and 135 lbs. (the members that ridiculed him also called him a “manlet”, to which he scothed at) and, in his manifesto (and on the Misc.), he whined about “girls having not evolved” and how “girls are too into brutes instead of more intelligent, sophisticated gentlemen like ‘him'”.

Rodger was short and scrawny, 22 years of age and looked like he could pass for a 14- or 15-year-old if he had wanted to.

He complained all throughout his manifesto about the girls of California going after bigger, taller and stronger men while ignoring him.

Maybe he should have gave a go at weightliting and getting bigger — in his manifesto he writes about going to the gym ‘a few times’ but doesn’t elaborate on what he did. He pointed the fingers at others instead of fixing himself. There was absolutely no accountability going on whatsoever — just blameshifting. He had an extreme (understatement) attraction to/infatuation with blonde haired girls, for whatever reason.

In the end, he emitted that he “hated all women” AND “the men who they chose over him”, and then went on to describe his ‘plan’ that he ultimately carried out.

A sad story all around. This could have been prevented, but so many dominoes fell into place. He wasn’t confident, he didn’t approach, and he didn’t look to adapt and improve himself. He wasn’t charming whatsoever, and there was little to no charisma going on. If he had worked on himself and made an effort, he could have gotten a girlfriend, but his idea of ‘making an effort’ and ‘being himself/improving himself’ would have never gotten him anywhere.

I agree with what Jason Blaha had to say:

Tragic. And he took the lives of six innocent people in the process — six families that will never be the same, where true happiness, for them, will always carry a blemish. I feel for them all.


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