The Los Angeles Clippers had tonight’s game in the bag.

And then, when Oklahoma City had to foul, right after a Kevin Durant layup, Chris Paul turned the ball over. Russell Westbrook took control of the basketball, passed it to a streaking Reggie Jackson who went up for a layup, looked like he was fouled (clearly looking for it) by Matt Barnes but there was a no-call, and the ball went out of bounds. Looking at the replay, it was clear that the ball last went off of Jackson, but the referees congregated to decide that, ultimately, somehow, by their horse shit, blind disposition, Oklahoma City would maintain possession.

Afterward, Russell Westbrook received the inbound pass and shot up an UGLY 3-point shot… a brick, of course… but he was fouled by Paul, barely touched, and Westbrook hit all three free throws, putting the Thunder up by 1.

The next possession, Chris Paul lost control of the basketball, turned it over and the Thunder are now up 3-2 in the series.

Nobody’s perfect, especially NBA referees, but holy hell, it was conclusive in that Jackson/Barnes out-of-bounds play that the damn ball last touched Jackson.

Lookin’ at those ratings, yeah? Making sure that Kevin “Mr. Unreliable” Durant’s squad waltzes into the Western Conference Finals because they can’t have the league’s precious, little MVP failing in the semi-finals while the real MVP of the Association exists in the Eastern conference.

I’m not denying that the Clippers collapsed and that Chris Paul choked. I’m just saying — the refs held the Thunder’s hands along.


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