1.) If Paul Boudreaux can make a guy like Joe Barksdale into a viable starter, what can he do with Greg Robinson? Can’t wait to find out.

2.) If the Rams can register more sacks than any team in the NFL over a two-year span, what will they do with the addition of the best pass rushing defensive tackle (Aaron Donald) in the draft? Once again… can’t wait to find out!

3.) Every time I saw Florida State play, LaMarcus Joyner stood out. Small size, large stature.

4.) The draft always humbles those who make predictions. I, for one, was shocked that Craig Loston and Christian Jones were not selected. 

5.) Every year, though, I have a moment or two of real insight. In February, I posted about how the Rams needed to add a strong complementary running back, rather than relying on Zac Stacy to carry the whole load. Clearly, the Rams agreed by selecting Tre Mason.

6.) I am SOOOOOOO FUCKING GLAD (I am not apologizing for that expletive today — it’s merited) that the Rams did not draft Johnny Manziel. Not only do I think he will likely be a bust over time after the excitement wears off, but I just don’t like the guy. Call me old school, but a guy who walks to the podium flashing the “money” sign is not a guy I want as the face of my franchise. He’s a spoiled, dipshit brat of a kid that’s not even worked a true day of his life nor been through real adversity. A leader? Nah, just the antithesis of one.

7.) Here’s all I’ll say about Michael Sam since, of course, my blog views went up the last few days, probably from people I know and various readers wanting to know what I’ll say about the Sam pick: Yes, he’ll get a lot of coverage. Yes, many will use his situation to spin an agenda. No, I don’t think it will be a significant distraction. Unfortunately for Sam, the Rams have two Pro Bowl-tier defensive ends and one of the best backup defensive ends in the league in William Hayes.

If Sam is making this team, it’s because the Rams are keeping five defensive ends, or because he is a cheaper alternative to a guy like Eugene Sims. I mean, Sam is already the second highest jersey seller out of all rookies only behind Johnny Manziel. Stan Kroenke has to love that. And Manziel jerseys have been available since Thursday night and Sam’s only since Saturday night.

Sam is literally a powerful vacuum for monetary gain. And honestly, that may be the edge in deciding between a guy like him and someone like Eugene Sims when it comes down to it.

My biggest fear is that he’s cut and a shirtstorm is stirred and the liberal media goes after the Rams. He could simply not be up to snuff to make the roster, but that won’t matter as some members of the media might arbitrarily twist and convolute it into the worst from their skewed, non-football perspective(s).

8.) Alright, and I’ll add this… if Sam sacks Manziel in the Rams/Browns preseason game, Twitter will explode.

9.) I think the Niners had a very good draft and the Cardinals and Seahawks made some good picks. That said, I don’t see any real “impact” players in their drafts. Rather, I think they effectively replaced some parts, and obtained strong depth.

10.) The possible exception is Carlos Hyde. He could be an impact guy. Of course, if he is, he’d merely be replacing another impact guy (Frank Gore).

11.) The Rams took a lot of defensive backs in the draft (not to mention Greg Reid). Hopefully, there’s a diamond in the rough in the bunch.

12.) Didn’t like the extra two weeks before the draft, but at least we’re closer to training camp.

13.) Speaking of camp, I hope to hell the Rams aren’t going to be on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”…

14.) Not sure if the Rams will be a buyer in the post-draft free agent market, but one guy who might be worth a look is linebacker Pat Angerer.

15.) The Rams need to develop a play in which Tavon Austin runs behind Greg Robinson. I’d call it “the total eclipse.”

16.) It would be rude for the Rams to fail to send the Redskins a thank you note.

17.) Will the first quarterback that the Rams face in the regular season in 2014 be Teddy Bridgewater?

18.) Call it the post-draft euphoria if you’d like, but I really believe that the Rams can compete for the NFC West title THIS YEAR.

19.) Draft day perfection for me. The Rams made their first selection during halftime of the Heat/Nets game, and then made their second selection about 2 minutes after the game ended. 

20.) So, who should the Rams target in the first round in 2015?


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