It was a controversial decision, but Floyd Mayweather came away with the MD victory (the three judges scored it 114-114, 117-111, 116-112). I had it about even in the scorecards. Marcos Maidana dominated the first six rounds and Mayweather came alive — while Maidana slowed down — during the rest of the bout, landing hard right crosses/hooks.

The one thing I hate about boxing is that there’s almost no reward for ring control. It’s one of the main improvements in judging I liked being changed in MMA fights so that fighters couldn’t run away and still win. Mayweather was hanging all over Maidana and wouldn’t let go of the ropes at least 3 times I saw, even when referee Tony Weeks grabbed his hand like a child and saying, “let go”. Mayweather being pushed into a corner and hugging away time just irks me.

By the way, I roll my eyes when people bring up Manny Pacquiao. Floyd will never accept that fight. Until he’s fought Manny, I don’t consider him a true all-time great. An all-time great accepts all challenges that come his way much like Sugar Ray Robinson did.


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