I’m not going to regale you with the story of what Zach Randolph did — you can Google that pretty easily.

I just want to briefly exclaim in dismay how awful it is that the NBA decided to drop the hammer and suspend Randolph — the Memphis Grizzlies’ leading scorer and linchpin of the team’s frontcourt — for tonight’s game 7 against Kevin “Mr. Unreliable” Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder!

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a leading scorer for a team being suspended for an entire game 7!

Give Randolph a technical.

Or a flagrant foul.

Suspend him for a quarter, if you must.

But an entire game?

The NBA just doesn’t want to see Mr. Unreliable lose in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

It’s over; it’s done. Stick a fork in Memphis. Without Randolph, they aren’t going to Oklahoma City and winning. Thanks, NBA, for switching this game from must-watch TV to must-miss TV. No interest. I’m just going to watch the prelims for Maidana/Mayweather instead.


2 thoughts on “The NBA Flubbed Up by Suspending Zach Randolph!

  1. I have seen this play a dozen times and have come to the conclusion it was a punch albeit a weak one. It could have done some damage even on an angle. So, if you follow that logic and then follow the concept a penalty is a penalty whether it is game 6 or game 1, I do think he gets a game off. The problem is I have seen rougher play that hasn’t been called out. I also have a problem with people saying the penalty is based on Zach’s history. Even though I think it’s worthy of a game for tossing a semi-punch it is certainly not the kind of “assault” that would require bringing out the “Rudolph” file. And because of those two factors…along with the way it was NOT called as such on the floor I am siding with the conspiracy theorists on this one and calling out the NBA for having a “Durant crush” and wanting OKC to have some leverage in Game 7. Even though the Grizzlies have statistically done well in his absence stats lie. With the presence of Rudolph not on the floor the Thunder have a significant advantage. Bad decision NBA is my call..just took me a whole to get there…

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