I can’t stand the hypocrisy of my fellow basketball fans. (Yes, the title of this post was meant to rustle all kinds of jimmies.)

I know the Memphis/Oklahoma City series is heading to a seventh game, and I meant to write about this a couple of mornings ago, but I didn’t have the time, so this belated post is finally here.

In game five, with a chance to tie the game in overtime, Kevin Durant missed a free throw and the Grizzlies went on to take a 3-2 series lead. After the game, instead of pointing the finger at Kevin for failing to come up in the clutch, a lot of people decided to dub referee Joey Crawford the scapegoat, vindicating poor, little Kev D.

Just imagine if LeBron James missed a clutch free throw like that. Nobody would blame Crawford for ‘hindering the ballgame’. People would be putting the blame on one King James.

After game 5, Kevin Durant came out and said, “I’m OK with being a decoy for Russell Westbrook”.

What? … Yeah, ah, excuse me?

Imagine Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or even Kobe Bryant coming out and saying, “I’m good with being a decoy”.

Never happened, would have never happened…

You can’t teach dominance or leadership by adulthood. You either wield those qualities by then/now or you don’t. Durant is passive-aggressive. Loses to LeBron and the Heat in the Finals in 2012 and then acts buddy-buddy with him in the offseason. Give me a break.

Somebody, elsewhere, made the point, “Being a decoy isn’t bad! It’s about winning! Get over yourself!” Well, dipshit, guess what? The Thunder aren’t winning, and they could very well be ousted in the first round, and if that’s the case somebody’s going, and I’m sure that somebody will be head coach Scott Brooks, since nowadays everyone is in the “take action now instead of being patient!” camp.

Durant is going to have to rectify that passive-aggressive disposition that he has, saying he’s alright with being a decoy, among all the other things he’s said in interviews. Despite his height and athleticism, he’s slender. His game has been anemic at times against Memphis. Sometimes I forget that he’s even on the court. He even made the colossal mistake of coming out and saying that Tony Allen has got into his head! What an awful mistake of a thing to say, to admit that your enemy has gotten the best of you!

Durant is a superstar and the likely MVP, but Oklahoma City has a comical situation on their hands with him and Russell Westbrook being a very flawed tandem. Y’know, even if they get out of the first round, a myriad of question marks loom the Thunder.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Durant is a Beta Male

    1. Never been a big hockey guy (mostly due to lack of exposure around here), but I’m sure I could easily get into it given how every year I hear about how intense the playoff games are! Sounds like the first round was something special — I heard about the Kings erasing that 0-3 deficit and the Blues/Blackhawks series being a good one. Also hearing that the second round isn’t disappointing, either. Sounds like some fun drama indeed!

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