Fabricio Werdum just decimated Travis Browne. 20 minutes of domination. I’ll omit the first 5 minutes of action, because they were trading punches and kicks, but after that Werdum went Shaq Fu on his candy ass.

shaq fu

Back in August, Alistair Overeem had Browne down and against the cage and was pounding away hammer fists right at his head, and then he gassed, wearing himself out with those punches, and Browne proceeded to kick Overeem in the face, effectively ending the fight by knocking him out.

Back in December at UFC 168, Browne fought equally tough competition in Josh Barnett. Early in the fight, Barnett went for the takedown on Browne, and Browne capitalized on Barnett’s premature attempt by delivering elbows that escalated to a TKO victory just one minute into the fight.

I bought into the hype. Picked him to beat Werdum.

And then, for lack of any better words, Werdum made Browne his meager, little bitch tonight, picking him apart and taunting him from rounds 2 through 5.

But the fight of the night was Donald Cerrone vs. Edson Barboza. Barboza was out-striking Cerrone before Cerrone landed a simple jab square on the face that sent Barboza falling to the canvas (glass chin, anyone?), and then Cerrone took his back in a veteran savvy move and forced him to tap out to a excellently executed rear naked choke submission.



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