Some of my family is in for the weekend for my aunt’s birthday. My cousin Rachel’s 5-year-old son, Brayden, has been taking karate classes, and I asked him to show me how to do a karate chop. The ‘move’ that he, then, executed was an uppercut!

Me: That’s an uppercut, Brayden!

Brayden: No, no… that’s a koo-rott-eee chop!

Me: That was an uppercut! I’m gonna start calling you Joe Frazier!

Brayden: No, my name is Brayden!

Me: Is your defense impregnable, your offense pugnacious and your discipline tenacious?

Brayden: My fence isn’t pregnant!

He then proceeded to tell me that he was going to kick the crap out of me and set me on fire.

He knocked me ‘out’ a few times, but thankfully no fires were set!

Be ready for this phenom, boxing and MMA!

On another note, Rachel’s husband, Travis, has Brayden going around wearing a bunch of ugly ass New York Yankees t-shirts. I’m going to have to hook him up with some St. Louis Cardinals gear.


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