I’m so amused. Kind of happy. Alright, really happy.

I watched two and a half minutes (total) of college basketball this past season. I just don’t find it riveting (which would take a post involving me being my usual logorrheic self to explain) anymore due to the NCAA becoming a glorified apartment complex for players to stay for a year before bolting to the Association, but I digress. I just wanted to emphasize how little I watched of this year’s season to explain my intrigue over Wichita State’s comical failure.

Undefeated. Undefeated until a number 8 seed in the Kentucky Wildcats said, “Hi, how ya doin’? Now out with the trash and in with the class!” (I don’t like UK; however, in my bracket, I had them upending the Shockers, so I’m all good in the hood with that pick) as they kicked Wichita State to the curb 78-76 today.

Y’know, I didn’t even know about Wichita State’s little ‘big’ season until mid-February. Outside of paying attention to MMA, the NFL, the St. Louis Lambs, and my beloved Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs, I couldn’t find too many damns to give about college basketball, but I always tune in — a little bit — to see what’s up before March Madness rolls around, and before I knew it, they were the number one team in the nation, undefeated and experienced!

So what?

When I look at a college basketball team’s resume, to see whether I view them as being up to snuff or not I look toward their road records and quality of opponents. Why should I give a shit about home records? Everybody wins at home. On the road, who did Wichita State soundly beat? Let’s see:

@ Saint Louis — by 5. Awesome, cool, but… so what?

That’s it.

Where were the quality opponents?

I’m not surprised at all that they lost.

I’m amused, actually. Not in their fans’ or players’ pain, but in all the hype.

What’s the point in going undefeated if you are going to bow out early in the tournament?

Wake me up when these little schools join difficult conferences and win on the road against legitimate basketball programs.

Furthermore, I love March Madness, but upsets truly are overrated. So many people seemed overjoyed that Mercer beat Duke, but me? I’m not. Not one bit. Tennessee played Mercer today (in fact, they are playing at the moment), and I have no interest in that game. Mercer boasts five senior starters, and I don’t care because none of them are interesting nor do they compel me to watch. I’d rather watch Duke’s Jabari Parker, Rasheed Sulaimon and Quinn Cook play in big games. I want to watch the best play the best, but hey, that’s just me, and apparent all of you, too, considering how the ratings plummet when the big schools aren’t playing in the biggest games of the year.

My final four is Florida/Michigan State and Creighton (my “huh?”, semi-long shot pick)/Louisville, by the way. I have Louisville defeating Michigan State in the national title game.


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