It’s time to give respect and plenty of props to Tyron Woodley for his TKO Injury win over Carlos Condit two minutes into the second round of their co-main event fight at UFC 171. I hate how the fight ended, and anybody else who watched the fight will agree with that assessment. It was turning into quite the bout. Woodley had landed a cavalcade of punches on Condit, and Condit — wielding the best chin perhaps in the UFC — was absorbing them all, and Woodley even scored a couple of takedowns. Then, Condit seemed to be awakened and was coming alive into the fight when Woodley executed a leg kick where Condit landed on his other leg in which you could see a joint in his knee shift which then sent him to the ground as he grimaced in pain and the referee stopped the fight. It looks like Condit tore his ACL (EXTREMELY unfortunate, since it’s always a good time to watch him fight and if that’s the case I hope he recovers and doesn’t lose a step in his fighting game), but an impending MRI will detail what’s up.

By the way, don’t expect any more detailed thoughts than the above on 171. I might have been inebriated during the show, so my regaling of the events to you may or may not be accurate.

Everyone’s calling Diego Sanchez a “glorified punching bag”. Maybe he is. He’s now 3-4 since his Lightweight title fight against BJ Penn in December 2009 (he lost by unanimous decision to Myles Jury at 171). He’s declining — some say “rapidly”, but I say just simply declining, and it’s mostly because of his brazen, ruthless style of fighting which is destructive given his negligent guarding of the face which allows opponents to lay a beating on the ol’ mug. But it is what it is, and every single one of his fights are worth watching. I love getting my casual fan-friends to watch his fights, because they enjoy the intensity and passion in all of them.

Johny Hendricks beat Robbie Lawler by unanimous decision to win the vacant Welterweight title in a showcase of a fight. I actually think Lawler had the fight in the bag until the final three minutes when he finally slowed down and Hendricks did the necessary things to sway the judges. Lawler beat him to a pulp, though, which amuses me, since Hendricks whined like a bleating beta of a bumrat schmuck following his loss to Georges St.-Pierre that he’d beat up on GSP and left him in a mess. Lawler left Hendricks in a bloodied mess, too, and the ol’ bumrat schmuck won the title.

It looks like either the Rory MacDonald (the Canadian Psycho! My nickname for him given his extreme social awkwardness and serial killer-esque behavior. Straight out of the Bret Easton Ellis classic, American Psycho) or maybe even Tyron Woodley will be the first in line to challenge the new chump champ.

Looking forward to April 26th’s UFC 172, when the much maligned phenom Jon Jones puts the highly heralded and overhyped Glover Teixeira down in their fight for the Light Heavyweight title!


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