(NOTE: My lack of writing anything lately has been fueled by this laptop keyboard’s hesitation of the ‘e’ key that’s been giving me hell (must be a software/hardware problem; I never eat or drink near the computer, and there are only minor amounts of dust between the keys). It takes at least five minutes to work, and I have to hold the key down for a couple of seconds before it appears, which makes typing anything, like this little opening paragraph alone, a pain in the ass.)

I’ll write about the three biggest ( as in the third fight, co-main event and main event of the evening) fights on the card because writing about the others is going to drive me [expletive]-ing berserk.

Myles Jury vs. Diego Sanchez
Myles Jury is a killer. He destroyed his first eight opponents in an approximate, cumulative total of about seven minutes. I respect the hell out of Diego — the cat’s a true fighter to the very core and I love watching him perform. However, we’re talking about heart and aggression against a guy who’s technically superior everywhere: he’s a more dynamic striker, he hits harder, he’s a better wrestler, he’s a tad longer and taller and he phase-shifts better. Though they’re both black belts, I’m tempted to speculate that Jury’s a little more complete on the mat as well. It’s kind of safe to say that we all know what to expect from Diego, so I’m thinking that Jury snipes him on the feet from range and will also have the luxury to stifle that insane forward momentum with takedowns. Myles Jury by decision.

Tyron Woodley vs. Carlos Condit
If this were scheduled for five rounds, I’d have no hesitation in picking Condit. The fact that it’s three rounds introduces more uncertainty, especially for those of us who haven’t forgotten Woodley’s blanket-like performances in Strikeforce. With that caveat, I’m still taking Condit here. Shields was able to wear Woodley down over three rounds, and he doesn’t push anywhere near Condit’s pace; moreover, I’m still not sold on Woodley’s newfound striking game, especially against a guy with the length, experience, diversity, and vicious finishing ability of Condit. It’s safe to assume that Woodley will, at some point(s), get Condit to the mat, but he’s never demonstrated the kind of active and rock-solid top game that’s given Carlos problems in the past. Condit, unanimous decision.

Robbie Lawler vs. Johny Hendricks for the vacant UFC’s Welterweight title
Based on my dislike for Hendricks, here’s my kamikaze-based pick for Lawler. Hendricks is wholly effective but painfully basic and predictable with his striking, a la Dan Henderson, and Robbie’s technical violence in the striking interplay might expose that. On the flip-side, the toughest scenario in which to plant your feet and uncork heavy combos is when faced with a dominant wrestler. Hendricks would be wise to replicate the Condit strategy, but he pretty much does everything in straight lines and I think Robbie’s combination of finesse, brutality and angles will do the trick. Robbie Lawler by unfathomable time machine shit.


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