The UFC’s international expansion has come at a breakneck pace, but this might take the cake — they’re planning on running two events on the same day on two different continents in a couple of months. The date will be May 31st — Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen are set to tangle that day on a Brazil Fight Night card, and now the promotion has added an event in Berlin, Germany.

No fights have been announced yet for the Berlin card. Tickets will go on sale April 4th and will start at 50 Euros. This is the UFC’s third trip to Germany (the first being UFC 99 in 2009, and then UFC 122 in 2010), and their first trip to Berlin.

In other news, they’ve also added a stop in Dublin, Ireland on July 19th. This is their second trip to Dublin, and Irish fans have been badgering Dana White non-stop since their initial visit way back at UFC 93 in 2009. No fights were announced for that card either, but you’d have to assume that Irish fighter Conor McGregor would be playing a part in that show.

The promotion is also looking to host a show in Scotland in 2015.


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